The 16 Best Sneakers For International Travel 2023

Before you jet set off for your next overseas trip, let’s discuss a vital part of your wardrobe. Figuring out a comfy travel outfit is a no-brainer if you already have a favorite Lululemon top or go-to pants for commuting hanging in your closet. However, it can be hard to know if your comfy sandals or favorite gym shoes can actually stand up to those vacation days when you walk well over 10,000 steps. These shoes may even need to take you from your first coffee to after-dinner drinks and all the miles in between — something that we rarely ask of our footwear back home. Travel shoes can include a variety of styles, but sneakers for international travel are truly the best route to go. Trust me, as someone who recently did a mini Europe tour for her honeymoon, I was so glad I resisted the temptation to pack less practical shoes like flats and heels. Your feet will be thanking you at the end of the day; I know mine did.

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