Official Samsung teaser shows the Galaxy Z Flip 5 closed with no gap

You might only get a fraction of a second look at the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in Samsung’s latest teaser for both the device and the July 26th Unpacked event, but it shows that the waterdrop hinge is doing exactly what it should be as there are no gaps with the clamshell closed. And after several back-and-forth comments from Twitter tipsters arguing whether there is a gap or not, it came down to the old adage “only your hair dresser knows for sure.” Meaning, of course, that the final answer lies with Samsung.
Considering that Samsung produced the teaser that we have embedded in this article and that the Twitter account containing the tweet belongs to the company, we are confident that you can say goodbye to that ugly gap. But that is hardly the only change to look forward to with the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Perhaps the most exciting change is the larger Cover Display which will look like a folder but measure a whopping 3.4 inches instead of the 1.9-inch external screens seen on the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 4.

There is one word of caution. Despite speculation that Samsung and Google were working to optimize some of Google’s core apps for the larger Cover Display, leaked images have shown that the external screen will run widgets with one showing the weather, another showing time and battery life, and yet another widget listing call history. There will be other widgets available for the external screen and we are not sure if any apps will run on it at all.

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This does not compare favorably with the 3.6-inch Quick View external display on the Razr+. That screen shows various apps such as Google Maps, YouTube, Messages, and more allowing users to handle many tasks without having to open the device. Hopefully, for Galaxy Z Flip 5 users, apps for the Cover Display will be available at launch or will be added shortly after the phone is released.

Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and its larger sibling (the Galaxy Z Fold 5) during the next Samsung Unpacked event on July 26th. Expected to share the stage with the foldables are the Galaxy Watch 6 series and the Galaxy Tab S9 line. That includes the 14.6-inch display belonging to the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. The festivities start at 7 am EDT and 4 am PDT and will kick off at 8 pm in Seoul where they will be held.
You can view the live stream on Samsung’s YouTube channel. You might want to reserve your pre-order for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 now. Not only will you save $50, but the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 were the best selling foldables in 2021 and 2022 respectively. And that was with a 1.9-inch external display. We could see even more demand this year with the larger 3.4-inch Cover Display.

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