Get the stylish Galaxy Buds Live with a sweet 50% discount from Amazon UK while you can

If you are located in the UK and are currently scouring the web for an amazing deal on a pair of good-sounding true wireless earbuds, then you just hit the jackpot; you’ve found what you’ve been looking for.

Right now, Amazon UK has a tempting deal on Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live, offering these elegant bean-shaped earbuds with an incredible 50% discount. Such a discount on the Galaxy Buds Live means you now have the chance to get a pair of Galaxy Buds Live for £70 off their usual price at the retailer. Amazon UK’s current offer on the Galaxy Buds Live makes them an absolute steal and truly irresistible.

The Galaxy Buds Live are definitely not high-end earphones, but they still offer pretty nice sound. Furthermore, they are lightweight and comfortable, and you can easily forget they are in your ears when you wear them for too long.

In addition to that, these bad boys have good active noise canceling and battery life. They offer up to 6 hours of listening time with ANC and Bixby turned on and up to 8 hours with them turned off. Add the case, and the battery life goes up to 21 hours with ANC and Bixby enabled and up to 29 hours with them disabled. The case even supports wireless charging.

Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live are pretty decent earbuds. While they may not be an audiophile’s dream, they are great for casual music listening and making phone calls. Furthermore, Amazon UK’s current huge discount makes the Galaxy Buds Live probably the best earbuds in the budget category.

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