Campfire Audio Andromeda Emerald Sea Review

Back in 2020, Campfire Audio launched an updated version of their popular Andromeda IEMs. Since then, the 2020 version has been one of the standout IEMs in its price point. Now there’s a new iteration of the Andromeda line that looks to become the new go-to version of this series. The Andromeda Emerald Sea is one of the latest releases from Campfire Audio. It launched alongside the new Solaris Stellar Horizon. Does it offer the necessary improvements, or does it lose what made the Andromeda name so popular in the first place?

What You Get

  • 3x ‘Time Stream’ Cables: 3.5mm Stereo, 2.5mm TRRS Balanced, 4.4mm Balanced
  • Dimension Folding Leather Case with Magnetic Closure and Complimenting Carabiner
  • RipStop Cable Pouch with Magnetic Closure
  • 3x Marshmallow Tips (S,M,L)
  • 3x Silicon Tips (S, M, L)
  • Earphone Cleaning Tool & Campfire Audio Lapel Pin
  • ‘Ocean Maiden’ Hand & ‘Emerald Sea’ Risograph Printed Display Background

Look & Feel

The Andromeda has had the same design for its last two iterations, but the Emerald Sea changes quite a bit. You get the same basic shape without the viable bolts, making for a smoother-edged design for its body. Its fit is just as comfortable though, and it actually sits better in your ear this time around. The last two Andromeda’s hovered a bit over your concha, but the Emerald Sea has a tighter seal.

Campfire Audio Andromeda Emerald Sea Cable


Inside the Andromeda is a new system of drivers. The Emerald Sea contains five balanced armatures with dual diaphragms. This is new technology for Campfire Audio, and with it, they hope to minimize distortion and increase stability. They can be easily driven from any 3.5mm headphone jack. In fact, my iFi Go Link was almost too much power for these IEMs, so be careful how much power your putting through them. 

Campfire Audio Andromeda Emerald Sea Pair


I always liked the soundstage and imaging on the original Andromeda, and the 2020 version. The Emerald Sea gives you everything the previous iterations provide but with increased precision and dimension. It’s not the most outward headspace with most of the sound feeling in-your-head, but there’s enough spaciousness to be impressed by. It’s not entirely linear, but not quite a bubble either. You don’t feel like it has limits, but the Emerald Sea tries to make all the sounds appear concisely. There’s great width to the soundstage, with imaging that will make everything feel like it has depth and good dynamics.

Low End

Like the last Andromeda models, there’s a wealth of detail in the bass. Everything about it is incredibly gratifying, boasting a grand tone with a buttery smooth surface. Its timbre is clean and exceptionally well organized, while at the same time making sure everything comes down hard. The impact doesn’t force itself through though. Its punch comes through naturally, with enough lift to sustain a clear texture. 


With a touch of warmth, the Emerald Sea leaves nothing behind when it comes to the midrange frequencies. They form a concise body of tone that is chock full of detail. Although the accentuation is centered on the low mids, the rest of the frequency response comes through naturally and without compromise. It’s hard to ignore the bloom of resonance that darkens up the sound signature, but the Emerald Sea cleans itself up well. Vocals cut through, and instruments have enough identity to highlight many specific notes and textures.


While not as expressive as the bass and mids, the treble is still well presented. There’s great detail, but the frequencies aren’t given the power that other ranges of frequency get. It all sounds very smooth. Everything appears where it should, and some elements even contain some striking details that accentuate the tail of each sound.


There’s a lot to like about the Andromeda Emerald Sea, especially if you haven’t heard anything from this series before. Its sound signature is easy to be captivated by, even if most of it is familiar territory for the Andromeda. I was never bored listening to the Emerald Sea, and it’s a welcome new edition to Campifre’s best IEMs to date. 



  • Wide soundstage 
  • Great imaging 
  • Rich bass
  • Lush mids
  • Comfortable
  • Great new redesign
  • Weaker highs
  • Increased price 

The Campfire Audio Andromeda Emerald Sea is available here. 

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