Bratz Style | How To Achieve Bratz Makeup & Outfits

Let’s face it, not everyone’s a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. Some of us are Bratz girls. This is true of myself and some of my fellow R29 editors. A big part of their allure was their attitude and style. While Barbie was a pristine and perfect woman, the Bratz gang was the antithesis — edgy teenagers. As Affiliate Writer and Content Producer Esther Newman puts it, “Barbie is trying to be everything, to everyone, all at once. Whereas the Bratz girls know exactly who they are and what they’re about.” 

The core four Bratz dolls — Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha — each had their own interests and styles, and every child who played with them had their favorites. Esther gravitated toward Jade (remembering she once wore a blue hair extension like the doll), Associate Deals Writer Mercedes Viera liked Yasmin and Sasha (greatly influenced by their bohemian and street-wear styles), and I…I’d like to say I was a Cloe stan, but she just wasn’t my gal. Regardless, the Bratz friend group (and the many Bratz doll iterations) also inspired my style at a young age. It was very bold, very Y2K fashion forward, and very influential.

With the recent Bratz celebrity collaboration launch with Kylie Jenner and her signature looks, we think Bratz style is going to come back in full swing. From Bratz fashion (think mini skirts, platform boots, wide-leg jeans, and statement hats) to Bratz beauty (think lip-plumping glosses, smokey eyes, and slick hairdos), there may be a noticeable shift from Barbiecore to Bratzcore. And we’ll be honest: We’re ready for it. We’re ready to relive our childhoods and wear Bratz-adjacent makeup and outfits in the real world beyond the walls of our bedrooms and playrooms. So step over Barbie. Now’s the time for Bratz fans to shine.

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